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Style, Beauty, Class, and Intelligence are KEY words to describe Shillae Anderson; a Chicago native who many would agree was destined to be a star. This DIVA turned “Business Mogul” seems to have life by the “horns” and has a drive for success that continues to flatter and inspire millions around the world. At the gentle age of 9 (nine) she was already becoming an American sweetheart as she shocked the nation with her beautiful look and gifted talents; after piercing the hearts of judges on the west coast, she was
crowned “Little Miss American Beauty” (1990) and “Little Miss Black Los Angeles”(1991).​

After graduating from high school, Shillae moved to
Los Angeles and enrolled at California State University in Northridge.  Working at the local pharmacy, Shillae's career there would be short-lived.  Only 2 months after her move, Shillae signed a major modeling contract and made her presence felt immediately in the industry becoming the print ad’s “gorgeous face” for Motions Hair Care Products one of the USA’s leading distributors of hair care products supplying markets in over 7 countries. She also booked numerous print campaigns and fashion layouts for top magazines.  Her entrepreneurial spirit wouldn't allow her to stop there.  Juggling a thriving modeling career and college courses, Shillae opened her first business, Beyond the Hairizon Salon. 

With 2 of her lifelong dreams realized, Shillae thought life couldn't get much better...then it did!  Shillae modeled for the intro to popular entertainment news show, Weekend Vibe.  Being much more than a beuatiful face, Shillae was hired to become the west coast correspondent, later to become the host of the show.  Having developed a keen sense of determination, confidence; and a relentless drive to succeed, this business savvy Diva transposed her talents to acting, landing leading roles and features in numerous movies, television sitcoms, and commercials.

Shillae would sell her salon and move to New York City, continuing her modeling career and searching for her next adventure.  Being something Shillae had been passionate about for years, she bought her first motorcycle.  Now the face of many motorcycle sports brands, Shillae continues to hit the pavement and will be launching her own in the coming months.  Even after years of hard work and an extensive resume that can easily be a “blueprint” for aspiring young talents, she claims that “she is just getting started”!









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